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SquareSyntax 2014 release "Tape". Chillout, Ambient, Glitch, Electronic, IDM melting pot.


released February 3, 2014

Special thanks to AnimA Motrix on Sacred Spores.
Mastering by Jordan Davis


all rights reserved



SquareSyntax Cincinnati, Ohio

SquareSyntax is a well versed blend of electronic genres that challenge the listener with a new interpenetration of how electronic music is perceived. Since 2010, SquareSyntax (created by vocalist and producer Mike Wiley) has released 7 full length albums and gained a full band for live shows and studio work including Chris Black on guitar, Dylan Coates on drums, and Mason Brown on triggers. ... more

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Track Name: Public Service Announcement Part 2
don't take heroine meth or crack
why would you ever do a thing like smack?
no thanks baby just send it back
oh don't do heroine meth or crack
don't let people pimp you on the street
don't make money eating people's skeet
you might end up getting HIV
like the skank face hookers on bourbon street
don't let people get you hooked on coke
you'll drive yourself crazy and you'll end up broke
you might kill your mother or you might get choked
oh don't let yourself get hooked on coke
don't take meth and try to drive a car
don't let people drug you at the bar
don't go places where they plug your holes
don't pay money for a moldy nose
don't have orgies if you got the clap
don't send pictures of your lonely snatch
don't put needles in your lazy veins
don't kill people if you hate the game
don't make pencils into shanks in jail
don't make your parents have to post your bail
don't rob people just to do some rails
don't start a riot cause they gave you kale
don't spy on people when they take a bath
don't borrow cash and never pay it back
don't snort molly off a hooker's ass
don't steal monies from your brother's stash
save up all your money for a rainy day
spend it in a night and now it's on a tray
here's a little tip, yea it's the shot for me
it's my sweet little cutie named LSD
ecstasy and molly make me shiver and sweat
opiates and downers have you scratching your neck
cough syrup junkies downing skittles like pep
till they overdose and end up in a hospital bed
dopamine and methadone's a passing fad
makes it hard to focus taking care of your dad
grandma's taking oxys cause she's hurting real bad
and taking all her medicine will make her sad
don't take heroine, meth or crack
kiss that shit goodbye and don't ever look back
get yourself a job and start breaking your back
yea, don't do heroine, meth, or crack.